Viper Grinder Elite Medium Black

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Identifier Code A000582

Viper Elite Grinder

Viper Elite Grinders bring your dry herb grinding experience to unmatched heights! Unlike other herb grinders, each of the 4 layers are one solid segment of high quality aerospace crafted aluminum. The Elite Grinders use super sharp diamond cut teeth to shred your herbs into a nicely blended and fluffy texture, with minimal resistance and struggle in the process. The top lid and lower, inner grinding plates of the Viper Elite ensures that efficiency is #1 with these grinders! The small holes inside the lower grinding plate allows for your ground herb to swiftly vacate to the fine-wire mesh screen. The fine-wire mesh screen of the Viper Elite captures your fluffy, ground herb and features a pollen chamber at the bottom to garnish your bowls with precious pollen. Every bowl is soon to be a delicacy with the Viper Elite Grinder! These grinders are hands down the best of the best!

Viper Elite Grinder Features

  • Magnetic seal top
  • CNC machined from aerospace solid aluminum
  • Solid black body
  • Extremely sharp, diagonal cut teeth
  • Viper Elite logo on lid
  • Four layers: top, blade plate, grounds chamber, pollen chamber, stainless steel micron screen and pollen scraper included
  • Comes in- Medium: Approx.  2” height | 51mm diameter
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