Zahrah Cacao Bowl

Brand: Zahrah
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Identifier Code HK210000009306

Authentic Vibes with the Zahrah Cacao Hookah Bowl

The Zahrah Cacao Hookah Bowl is a quintessential product to your hookah set up. The Cacao’s body is made from layers of natural clay, crafted in Pakistan. The Cacao Hookah Bowl’s flat surface allows for excellent heat distribution, securing a strong hookah experience packed full of dense clouds. The unglazed body of this bowl gives a more authentic feel to your hookah experience and features colored accents swirled around its stem. The Zahrah Cacao Hookah Bowl comes outfitted in your choice of 5 outstanding color options, and is a great element to have as part of your hookah routine.

Zahrah Cacao Hookah Bowl Features

  • Savor strong hookah seshes with this clay hookah bowl
  • Made from 100% unglazed clay
  • Crafted in Palestine
  • Thick walls and flat bottom for great heat distribution
  • Excellent airflow
  • Swirled colored accents
  • Measurements: Approx. 3" height | 3" diameter
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